The complete list of the best books on drawing comics. The list will guide you at every step in making wonderful comic art. I’d want to highlight the best books in this collection, covering everything from visual style to storytelling and sequential art design. This is the absolute key to studying art for comics, what kind of comics you wish to create.

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List Of Best Books On Drawing Comics

Before getting into these books, make sure you spend time mastering the basics. Before trying to bring your comics, it’s a good idea to have at least some practice sketching from imagination. Learn from these gems and make comics book.

Blank Comic Book Draw Your Own!

With this blank journal—which is fully organized with frames, you can tell your own story in the shape of a comic book! It begins with an introduction from art instruction legend Christopher Hart. Aspiring illustrators can start their artistic adventure with this specifically produced journal, whether they want to make comic strips, manga, or storybooks. Every page has blank, black-framed panels in a comic-book format and diverse sections. It allows artists to tell thematic resonance. It is the perfect choice for a comics art book.

blank comic book draw your own

There are countless ways to express yourself! One of the best books on drawing comics. Beginners can play with the structure and see where it takes them, while people with greater skill can apply it to fill out their narrative and visual concepts.

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Draw Manga

The creative ways underlying the most popular Japanese comic style are simple to learn with this step-by-step manga art tutorial for beginners!

Beginners can learn to draw creative manga with this simple, practical art course. All of the significant topics are covered in 13 tutorials. They include eyes, hair, apparel, accessories, lighting, and coloring. Through ten step-by-step assignments, you’ll learn how to make figures of all ages—children, youths, and adults. Learn the fundamental drawing techniques to create manga characters’ unique features.

draw manga

A group of manga creators writes and illustrate the story. Draw Manga is organized into three sections, each with 140 colorful graphics and easy-to-follow instructions: fundamental tutorials, turning rough ideas into polished comics, and projects from the experts, which provide extreme detail on creating highly qualified artwork. Writing comic books will be easy after learning from this book. Read this article to know how reading affects your writing in amazing ways.

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Modern Cartooning

Designed for aspiring cartoonists and the millions of enthusiasts of cartoons, entertainment, and manga. Cartoons are not only a form of fun but also a very popular artistic technique! Christopher Hart clearly shows how to create a cast of the most amusing, wild characters inspired by today’s animations using a fresh and easy-to-follow approach to cartooning. Click here to read some of the funniest books for women. Count this as one of the best books on drawing comics.

modern cartooning

Contemporary Cartooning is a groove with ideas, hints, and step-by-step pictures, giving artists of all levels. All tools they need to let their creativity roam free.

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The Comic Book Artist’s Workbook

This book will cater to prospective storyboard artists and creators. Daniel Cooney, a skilled novelist, illustrates how to create realistic landscapes and their connections with the individuals. They occupy them by drawing credible perspectives from any point of view. This workbook functions as a notebook with tasks for making scenarios in the framework of storytelling. Readers will learn to focus on the process as they refine their drawing mechanics. Storytelling “talent” through case studies with interactive workbook grids. Comic book creators are always enthusiastic about creating inspiring comics.

the comic book artists workbook

Learn about the properties of light and how they affect drawing from vision and structural principles. How to develop visually exciting characters and settings, use references to create beautiful work from unusual camerawork, and more. You’ll find your work more realistic once you’ve perfected perspective—and if you stick to the author’s approach, you may become the best comic book artist!

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Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

This one-of-a-kind cartoons handbook delves further into the world of entertainment. It explains the history of comics, how they function, and how column narrative has evolved into a modern icon utilizing traditional paneled storytelling. One of the best books on drawing comics. Read this article to dive into the most historic books in the world.

understanding comics the invisible art

Scott McCloud is a brilliant artist who has spent years creating his comics. It doesn’t give explicit instructions on how to make comics. But he does expose some of the “secret sauce” that goes into creating successful ones.

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Foundations in Comic Book Art

Unlike the amusing comic panels found in newspapers, manga and comic book hero cartoons have a different formats.

And it is here that the book Foundations in Comic Book Art comes in handy. This book is for artists who wish to start from scratch and produce their fantasy novels. John Paul Lowe, the author, is a SCAD art professor with over 20 years of expertise.

foundations in comic book art

This book will teach you the principles of cartooning and why they are essential. When it comes to graphic novels, John focuses on layout, viewpoint, and photo inspirations.

To tell a fantastic story, your composition must be flawless. However, you can get by with the help of a few tricks discussed in this book.

Self-publishing your comic is now easier than ever. However, there is still the right type of equipment to produce and distribute a webcomic from the roots up.

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How to Make Webcomics

 How to Make Webcomics breaks down the publication process into manageable parts. It makes it easier for prospective artists to pick deal with their projects. This is not a one-size-fits-all book, so you’ll have to do independent research. One of the best books on drawing comics.

how to make webcomics

However, this book uses as a self-planner to assist you in coming up with ideas, characters, themes, and phrasing. The naming of your comic and creating an audience are addressed in later chapters.

The practicality of this book is what I admire best about it. As you read this book, you’ll feel tempted to act and begin preparing your webcomic right immediately.

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The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics

Self-publishing prefers artists since it is more convenient and gives them greater control over the final product.

This book will explain how to draw comics book from scratch. It lives up to its name with 240 pages of advice and recommendations to help any artist publish their artwork. You’ll learn all there is to know about writing, sketching, writing, publishing, and sharing your comic with the rest of the world.

the complete guide to self publishing

One of the best books on drawing comics. The book includes practical advice and short excerpts from other practitioners in the industry. Along with publishing and marketing your ideas, you’ll learn about narrative, story, character, and creation.

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The Art of Comic Book Writing

Released comic books frequently go through far more comprehensive writing than unreleased ones. This can be overwhelming for artists who don’t spend lots of time writing. On the other hand, it goes into minute detail on this topic. You’ll learn how to conceptualize ideas, plan and compose a script, and then sketch out frames and layouts. 

the art of comic book writing

From a creator’s perspective, this is the ultimate handbook of comic writing. Not all comics necessitate as much attention to detail during the creative process. However, many of them do, and honing your writing talents will help you break into the comics industry.

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What art style is comics?

Comics (or, less generally, sequential art) is a video art component that combines visuals with text, usually in the form of airs or picture descriptions.


The list will help you fulfill your dreams of being the best cartoonist. It presents the best books on drawing comics that will guide writing and composing the structure at every stage. This way, you experience the most interesting part of creating manga, comics, and animations.

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