Remember those times when we were all little living in fantasy worlds of Alice in wonderland books, Tom and Jerry episodes, or stories of how Doremon saved Nobita every time? This is how we know we have been story buffs all this while but just lost the touch of it. We did not realize how books turned into movies, and our source of stories changed. And although movies have all the graphics, visuals, background music, characters alive, I think we can all agree that none of it can beat the fresh smell of news books or the musty smell of old books. Books do not have as many visuals as movies do or even voices like them. That is why books, even the best free kindle books leave a wide space for imagination. You can also find free books on Bookbub

You build a world that is your own while reading a book and watch it come alive. Our brains here have a free field to run into, and our eyes, minds, and heart are all stuck to that one story that we are reading. Gripped as we are to our seats doing something apart from scrolling social media, this is what we all need right now. But how to read a book on a bustling train? How to find the book we want to purchase? Mainly where to even start? Here we are, to answer all these questions at once!

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Best Free Kindle Books

Here’s a list of the best free Kindle books of 2023, which you can start with for free and read anywhere and everywhere with the free ebooks for kindle.

The Perfect Wife by Blake Pierce

Nothing better than a psychological suspense thriller to immerse yourself in. Just when Jessie Hunt, 29, newlywed, having criminal profiler in training, thinks she managed to put her childhood darkness behind her, she and Kyle (her husband) move into a Westport Beach Mansion. She notices an event of strange developments.

the perfect wife

Finding herself stuck in the crosshairs of her new friends, her serial killer caseload, Kyle’s secrets, and the secrets of her past. Questions prevail – did she uncover a conspiracy buried in the wealthy Southern California beach town, does the murderer she is studying know the source of her private nightmare, or had her torturous past finally come back to claim her?

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A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

In Bastille, aging Doctor Manette spends eighteen years as a political prisoner. He is reunited with his daughter in England after being finally released. There live two men, Sydney Carton, a brilliant but disreputable English lawyer, and Charles Darnay, an exiled French aristocrat whose Life entangle through their love for Lucie Manette.

a tale of two cities

Against their will, they are drawn from London’s roads to Vengeful Paris streets at the height of Reign of Terror and soon fall under a guillotine shadow. Making it old but one of the best free books on kindle still.

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Harry Potter Series

JK Rowling has indeed done a phenomenal, magnificent work by writing books that have transformed millions’ lives. Harry Potter makes you go through lots of emotions exhibited by humanity.

harry potter

It shows that there are various kinds of evils existing in this world. Instead of patronizing childhood and teenage, it displays growing up from a child/teenager’s point of view. They are widely read and classics that you have to read to understand the ways of today’s society. It is an all-time best of the best free kindle books.

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Time Is Not Infinite by Paulo Ruggeri, Sadek El Assaad                  

The writers wrote the book looking at the current scenarios. Putting in extra time to achieve targets and meeting deadlines had become a norm, exactly where one needs to start finding alternatives, I.e., working smarter than harder.

time is not infinite

If this is not the book that most of the current generation needs, I don’t know which is. One should check this book out. It is meant for everyone who waits for the weekend to rest.

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Midnight Rose by Dani Hart

A beautiful Abigail Rose with life so predictable and calm until she met Wes Hunter, who returns to Sandpoint. Without giving spoilers, this is where the impossible of her life turns possible, and a rollercoaster ride came.

midnight rose

If The Vampire Diaries or Twilight was your love or the supernatural stories and series make your pupils dilate, then this is just the book for you.

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City of Endless Nights by Milo Hastings

Do science fiction and fantasy delight you? If yes, this mundane clairvoyant novel is the right pick for you. Written towards the end of World War I, it illustrates Berlin’s city more than a century later, as millions of civilians live underground. In contrast, the city fought a war with the rest of the world. Life is not gratifying, food is exclusively rationed for workers, religion is forbidden, and the population is heavily regulated by eugenics.

city of endless nights

A revolution is a natural solution to all this misery in the form of a young American chemist who infiltrates this closed society. An ample amount of the plot outlines aspects of Germany’s renaissance, the emergence of fascism, Nazi ideology, and the idea of a master race. It is a sequel to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and other genre classics. It is a top pick of the best free kindle books of 2023.

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South: The Story Of Shackleton’s Expedition by Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

A historian by heart, if history is something that interests you, this tale out of Shackleton’s many expeditions will engross you.


As a first-hand account of 28 men marooned on polar ice after an almost fatal shipwreck in unforgiving seas. Shackleton’s tale is the third option. It recaptures the voyage, from Shackleton’s fiery impulses to cover the Antarctic to the resulting disaster and the eventual struggle to survive.  One of the top free kindle books available.

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The Jungle by Uptown Sinclair

For someone who is enthralled by politics, this socialistic novel, although not very uplifting, depicts poverty’s ferocity, extreme labor conditions, and the pervasive lack of optimism that plagued the working class of the Chicago stockyards. It could reflect on Jurgis Rudkus, a Lithuanian immigrant.


Still, it is partially based on Sinclair’s seven-week incognito service in the Chicago meatpacking industry as part of his newspaper’s investigative piece. The soul-crushing violations and grotesque accounts of the meat industry were so concerning. In 1904, it began to orchestrate federal prosecutions. A great choice among the best free kindle books.

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Walden by Henry David Thoreau

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself, so live the life you imagined.” If you relate to this very particular quote, go through the precise motives for Thoreau’s two-year stay in a cabin near a small pond in Massachusetts have long been a mystery.

walden best free kindle books

Whatever the rationale, the American transcendentalist created a fascinating account of his experiences. Distilled into a single calendar year swarming with observations and contemplative discoveries that highlight isolation, self-reliance, and the accord of man to the natural world.

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The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne

A good laugh is all that we need to make our day much better. Have you ever thought a book could make you laugh? Well, yes, it can. This humorously rich parody of Tristram Shandy’s personal Life is with references to philosophical myths and insinuations implicative of the 17th century’s philosophical poets.

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy best free kindle books

Humour is bawdy and bold, whether it reflects on Tristram Shandy’s logical father or his military uncle. Bursts of rambling concerning sex entwine with insults and intellectual expansion. The top free books on kindle.

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Take your time to analyze and understand each of the best free kindle books and their plot with your interests in mind. Choose the right free books for kindle for yourself, and enjoy reading.

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