Are you looking for clean books? Books with innocent love stories and extraordinary fiction can be hard to find. You must try a few books: These Are My Words, God’s Smuggler, and The Rent Collector. 

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List of 33 Clean Books You Must Read

These books offer much more than typical novels with abusive and strong obscene language. Read these books to dive into the extraordinary premise and compelling characters. 

Pride and Prejudice

One of the greatest clean books for adults. A brilliant work by Jane Austen showcasing sweet romance with amazing comedy.pride and prejudice

The sparkling story, which has a beautiful premise, is a classic for everyone. 

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Safe House, by Shannon Symonds

A story of an advocate for women who have suffered abuse in any house by shannon symonds

She helps many people through her efforts and determination. 

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God’s Smuggler

A story deals with the journey of a man who devoted his life to Jesus.

god's smuggler

After World War II, he searches for bibles from different countries. The myriad miracles make him a true devotee of Jesus. An exciting journey to read. 

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter books never fail to amaze you. The Sorcerer’s Stone is a book full of exciting spells, magic, a compelling story, and amazing character.

harry potter and the sorcerers stone

Count it as one of the good clean fiction books to read. 

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 These Is My Words

Sarah is a confident woman who is self-educated and with a tough personality.

these is my words

She explores the world and overcomes every challenge in her journey. A must-read if you need some motivation and positivity. 

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Clean books often have great stories. Bomb is one of the most intriguing ones.


It involves epics from history and weapons that change the entire world. The writer of the book is Steve Sheikin and no doubt that he did a good job with this.

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Little Women

The book involves four sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. It’s a story of their childhood to womanhood.

little women

Each of them has different personalities have its ups and downs. A beautiful story with an astounding old vintage look will make your day.

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Jane Eyre

A ravishing story of a girl who falls in love.

jame eyre

Her kind soul makes it more attractive. Orphaned since childhood, she faces many challenges. He meets a notorious man with a kind heart—the purest form of love story. 

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The Rent Collector

Ki Lim and Sang Ly are the leading characters who survive every day living in waste dumps in Cambodia. Thousands of people manage little earning for pitiful existence.

the rain collector

Rent Collector charges a huge amount of money every month. A very emotional and heart-touching story is a must-read—one of the best clean reads.

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The Fixer

The book is full of twists and turns. It follows surprising events between main characters like Tess Kendrick and her elder sister Ivy.

the fixer

She is a protector and fixer of all the problems to gain her objectives. A story happens at the white house and involves high profiles meddling with Tess. 

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Life of Pi

A stranded man stuck on a boat with few survivors and wild creatures.

life of pi

The story unfolds the journey of their survival on that ocean. It ends with two astonishing endings that will leave you in awe. 

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A New York bestseller that over 6 million people enjoyed it. A movie based on this book also got very popular.


It follows a handsome man and a beautiful love story that you must enrapture. 

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The Hiding Place

A lady who spent her 50 years living an ordinary life. She lives with her sister as an old maid.

the hiding place

Eventually, the Nazi invasion turns the entire premise and makes it an interesting read. 

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I Am Malala

A story of Nobel prize-winning Malala Yousafiz, who entails great discussion.

i am malala

She is a girl who makes a difference by supporting education and making an effort for it. Count this one as one of the clean reads for young adults.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

A very popular book that every clean book lover must-read. You will fall in love with the characters and especially Miss Jeanne Loise.

to kill a mockingbird

A story of an elderly advocate defending a black man is an admirable premise. 

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The leading character, Emma, is one of the most captivating and beautiful characters.


She is spoilt and careless and eventually sorts out her life and her habits. She meets a man who, in turn, affects her life in a horrible way.

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Sense and Sensibility

A girl who believes that she can never find a man who can really love her.

sense and sensibility

She falls hard for a dashing man, which turns out to be unsuitable for her. She ignores all warnings from her sister. Find out what happens next in her chaotic love life. 

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The Help

A 22-year-old skeeter finishes her graduation. But just a degree won’t make her mother happy.

the help

She seeks a ring on her finger. A story eventually turns more dramatic. When skeeter couldn’t find her maid, Constantine, read it to see her heart-touching story. 

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The Poisonwood Bible

A deep string of thoughts will occur to you after reading this book.

the poisonwood bible

Clean books are rather interesting and innovative than the typical love story. His book is remarkable in terms of questioning innocence and realism. 

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The Scarlet Pimpernel

A timeless novel based on the scraping of the French Revolution is a must-read. Scarlet, in disguise, comes to rescue innocent people during a time of terror. 

the scarlet pimpernel

It will make you learn an important part of history while enjoying the read. 

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The Tutor’s Daughter

Emma cheers up his widowed father after he fails academically.

the tutor's daughter

They travel to the coast with their four sons. Eventually, the story becomes more exciting when they find mysterious things happening.

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The Silent Governess

Certainly guilty of a crime, Olivia Keene goes to her home. Later on, She finds herself grand estate where an extraordinary celebration is being held.

the silent governess

In order to prevent her from exposing his secret, he confines her to his estate. Will their secrets jeopardize their chances of finding love?

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If you are looking for stories of princesses, this is it. Princess Winter is famous for her beauty and kind soul. When she meets a handsome boy, her stepmother crushes her romance.


I love this book, and you will be hooked till the end. 

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A lovely lady, Venetia, is the leading character of this story. She is smart and sensible with a great future ahead. It seems unlikely that Venetia will ever meet the handsome hero of her romantic fantasies.


It’s a hard decision for her to marry a dull person like Edward. She will marry only for love

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An exciting read for people who are fond of vampires and love stories.


This book revolves around Edward, who is a vampire, a girl, and their extraordinary seductive love story.

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North and South

A great novel was written by Charles Dickens.

north and south

A book about rebellion and raising questions about societal fundaments. This will make you curious with a feeling of concern. 

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A bestseller as a 2nd book of the series of Lunar Chronicles. Scarlet meets a fighter who knows the whereabouts of her grandmother. This makes her suspicious, and yet she is drawn to him.


The story is full of mystery that will give you goosebumps. 

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Redeeming Love

All Angela expects from men is betrayal. A woman who was sold as a child to become a prostitute can never trust men.

redeeming love

Her hatred helped her to survive. This changes Michael, who melts her cold heart. 

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Clean Code

Coding is a significant part of the development organization. A bad code can lose millions of data and resources. This book makes you learn the value of craftsmanship in soft wares.

clean code

And with crucial information, it helps you to become a better programmer. 

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 On the Fence

Charlotte Reynolds, also known as Charlie, is 16 years old and living with three older brothers raised by a single dad. She outwits every boy, including her brothers.

on the fence

The entire life of a typical girl is a new world for her. An amazing book with well-written characters. 

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Head in the Clouds

Adelaide daydreams of a Hero that she will claim as her own.

head in the clouds

She searches for a husband and is eventually left humiliated. Clean books such as this is a beautiful story.

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The One

A girl with determination and competitive nature will inspire you all day. In her journey to win, she gets very close to the crown and the heart of Maxson. Read to know will she win or chooses to lose what she wants for her future.

the one

One of the clean contemporary romance novels. 

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Running Barefoot

A 13-year-old Josie when meets 18-year-old Samuel with opposite personalities.

running barefoot

A unique friendship evolves with time and blooms brightly. A deeply romantic love story of a small-town girl and an American boy. 

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How do I find a good clean book?

There are ways to find good clean books.- Follow book review sites. Join groups of like-minded readers. Install apps. Download booklists. Check out, the award winners.


Clean books are refreshing as they have so much to unravel. These include sci-fi, philosophy, and great innocent love stores. Enjoy reading.  

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