When thinking of Throttled, Lauren Asher, and her Dirty Air series, laughter, tears, and butterflies came to mind. I’m an ardent reader and a huge Formula 1 fan, and this is a perfect read for missing race weekends.

Review of Throttled

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About Throttled By Lauren Asher

As of now, there are only four books in the series, each focused on a different marriage. I recommend reading them in this sequence: Throttled (Dirty Air #1), Collided (Dirty Air #2), Wrecked (Dirty Air #3), and Redeemed (Dirty Air #4) are the four films in the Dirty Air series.

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Throttled is Lauren Asher’s first novel, and wow, it started with a joke! I was invested in the forbidden love between Noah and Maya from the beginning. This world of F1 racing is glorious, dangerous, and addictive. The glittering, fascinating, and fast-paced world of Formula One, along with a forbidden romance, has you completely enthralled.

throttled lauren asher

Family history, secrets, loss, marriage, betrayal, friendship, laughter, and regrets. Throttled by Lauren Asher is a heartfelt novel written with compassion and hope, combining the past to open the way to happiness and second chances.

The characters in this novel bring life and heart to the story, each with its unique voice and personality. They make the student love them, make the reader sad, make the student angry, make fun of the student, make the student cry, and make the student believe in the promise of love and home.

It is a rare activity, a perfect act of balance and fear on the one hand and love. Throttled by Lauren Asher is about doubts, thrills, and drama, combining human relationships and experiences between longtime friends. The characters are portrayed with empathy and recovery, and the hopeful ending is real.

Home theatre students will be interested. This delightful mystery will satisfy those who love the ugly, ugly, and bizarre secrets and the unusual atmosphere in one of the world’s most famous cities—ideal for a long weekend or mild weather.

 The Plot of Throttled By Lauren Asher

The tale of Noah Slade and Maya Alatorre is told throttled by Lauren asher. Noah is the son of a Formula One icon who is carving out his history in the sport by winning championship after championship. Noah’s competitive nature is the driving force behind his success, and two years after colliding with Santiago Alatorre, their hostility only grows when they become teammates.

Working with Santi for the upcoming season presents Noah with his most challenging test yet, although the threat is not on track but relatively close to his heart.

throttled lauren asher

Santi’s sister, Maya Alatorre, just graduated from university and has opted to accompany her brother in the Formula One season. But she hadn’t expected her brother’s teammate, the dangerous bad boy of racing, to fall in love with her. She starts vlogging her F1 adventure, recording race after race and each new location she visits because she has no job.

Her vlog increases and things start looking better with behind-the-scenes videos and experiences with her new “best friend,” Sophie, who is the child of Bandini’s team principal.

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With each passing day, Noah and Maya push and pull, their desire becoming more muscular and their resistance weaker. Santi and Noah’s competition and their fear of the consequences stand in the way of a possible romance, but as they spend more time together and Noah allows Maya to see behind the famed player front, the two get closer.

Maya becomes someone Noah can count on, assisting him in coping with the pressures of his uncaring family in exchange for him allowing Maya to become who she truly wants to be. What happens when the bad boy racer falls for the independent YouTuber, and the competition between colleagues is no longer an issue?


The Prince of the United States of America Despite his arrogance, Noah Slade won my heart. He’s the good-looking, humorous, and gifted racer who has erected a steel barrier around his heart. Noah Slade is the prince of the F1 race.

throttled lauren asher

The son of the famous F1 pilot, following his father’s footsteps. Now one of the world’s best wins a race after the race. But it does not come without competence and dedication, which includes competing with other drivers.

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Still, his main enemy is Santiago Alatorre, who deprived him of the opportunity to win championships two years ago. So, as the new season begins and Santi is a new partner in the Bandini racing team.

He has to face his most significant threat right now, but it is in his heart that his goal is to win the championship. It’s not easy being the son of an F1 great, and for Noah, it meant pressure and expectations rather than love and support. 

throttled lauren asher

The vlogger princess from Spain. Maya Alatorre is a fiery Latina who is sarcastic, strong-willed, and opinionated. Her devotion to her family was very moving but the suppression of her wild side was saddening. She holds her ground and manages her own life, but her desire for Noah puts her relationship with Santi in jeopardy. Maya maintains her connection with Noah hidden, snatching kisses and short moments, fearful of her brother’s response.

Lauren’s account of Maya’s vlogging is so fascinating that you feel like watching her record all the interviews, games, and action. I’d watch Maya Alatorre’s vids religiously if she were real! Her friendship with Sophie is on par with any fictional company I’ve read. 


I adored Noah and Maya’s personalities. I’d never seen a sports romance about Formula One until the Dirty Air series. I don’t think any future ones can match it. Lauren’s ability to take you across the world, to different locations and the world of racing is incredible.

throttled lauren asher

Her writing style is simple and effective which allows you to come to know the characters. All the race details, pre-race rituals, galas, and everything are very clear in the book. The description of the cities on the F1 circuit is very vivid. You’re right there with the characters, feeling everything they do.

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Throttled: Lauren Asher checked all of my boxes and established the tone for the stories of the other racers. I’ll read this epic tale repeatedly, and I’ll never stop recommending it. Lauren is among my favorite authors, and she gets extra points for being a fan of Formula One. Lauren’s brazen alphas and feisty heroines will make you laugh out loud, but you’ll cry too.

Lauren’s writing is fun. Background, plot, characters, all of this is amazing. The beautiful unconditional love portrayed in Throttled marked all the boxes! I enjoyed this book and recommended it to anyone looking for a new love of sports.

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